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  • Need cash fast for your home?
  • Difficulty selling your home?
  • On the market too long?
  • Stop foreclosure!
  • Protect your credit rating!
  • No time or money to fix before you sell?
  • Inherit a property you don't want to keep?
  • We buy properties
    in viturally any condition or situation!
  • Close fast or at your convenience!
Follow Your Dream...Home, LLC
Serving The Poconos, Pennsylvania & Long Island, New York
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Buying or Selling Your Home?
  • Beautifully Remodeled Dream Homes at Affordable Prices
  • We Buy Houses Cash, Any Condition, Any Situation

Follow Your Dream... Home, LLC is here to help. We are a multi-faceted company who truly cares about you.

On one hand as "The Foreclosure Solution, Initiative", we put an end to financial nightmares. In many cases we can buy your home for cash, and close quickly to get you out from under.

On the other hand as "Follow Your Dream... Home, LLC", we make Dreams come true, offering beautifully remodeled


"turn-key" homes at affordable prices which compete wtih new construction.

We purchase houses in need of TLC and breathe new life into them, to create gorgeous yet affordable Dream Homes for families like yours.

Whether you are overwhelmed by a house that has become a burden to you, or you are finally seeing daylight in this dreary economy and are ready to find Your Dream Home, we are here for you!


We can buy your home to help ease your situation. Do you need to sell quickly? We can pay cash for your house, any condition, any situation. We can even close at your convenience!

* Can't keep up with your
.. mortgage payments?
* Facing Foreclosure?
* Tax liens?
* Need to sell to settle divorce?
* Inherit a house you don't want?

Call or email us now with your contact info and the property address so we may start our evaluation process. We're here for you - please let us help.


Looking to buy Your Dream Home? We offer beautifully remodeled affordable homes that look like new and are move-in ready.

We can even customize one of our properties just for you! Select fixtures and cabinets just as you would with a builder!

Wait! We can even go a step better than that! Where would you like to live? Pick your favorite neighborhood and we will do our best to acquire a house there to custom renovate just for you!

See... we really do make dreams come true! Please call or email us today.


No one should lose thier home to foreclosure. We can help analyze your situation with compassion and understanding. Our goal is not only to stop foreclosure, but to help relieve some of your outstanding debts, allowing you to make a fresh start with money in your pocket.

Call now for additional information!
All inquiries kept confidential

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